Parchman 2/48

These recordings were made in the early winter of 1948 at Parchman Farm by Alan Lomax. They have been released on CD as part of the Alan Lomax Collection on Rounder Records under the series title, \Prison Songs." There are two volumes represented in that series."

Rosie (II)

Rosie (III)

Rosie (IV)

Old Alabama

Black Gal

Fox Chase

Prison Blues

Disability Boogie Woogie

Whoa Buck

Early In The Morning (part 1)

Early In The Morning (part 2)

No More, My Lord (I)

No More, My Lord (II)

This Old Town Is Along A Railroad

Katy Left Memphis (O Rosie)

Murderer's Home

Murderer's Home (fragment)

Early In The Morning (fragment)

Garbage Man

Prodigal Son


Rosie (false start)

Rosie (V)

Rosie (VI)

High Rollin' Sergeant

Rosie (I)

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