Norton Park School disc recordings 1949

These disc recordings were made by Dr. James T. R. Ritchie for his film "The Singing Street," documenting children's songs and games in Edinburgh. The exact make-up of the group singing here is unclear—Ritchie notes the girls appearing in his film as being Peggy MacGillivray, Audrey Fraser, Harriet Sandison, Joan Grant, Hazel Agnew, Marjorie Lock, and Laura Gardner.

My Name Is Sweet Jenny (album edit)

I'm A Little Orphan Girl (album edit)

I Paula Tay Paula Taska (album edit)

Down in the Valley Where The Green Grass Grows

The Night Was Dark, The War Was Over

Broken Hearted I Wander

When I Was Single

I've A Sweetheart in America

I Paula Tay Paula Taska

Queen Elizabeth Lost Her Shoe

Here Comes A Bluebird

The Bonny Sailor Boy

Here’s a Poor Widow

My Name Is Sweet Jenny

The Wind, The Wind, The Wind Blows High

Up Against The Wall

In And Out The Dusty Bluebells

Eetle Ottle, Black Bottle

Mother, Mother, I Am Ill

I'm a Little Orphan Girl

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