Columbia 7/37

Sacred songs performed by Pearson’s Funeral Home Choir, led by D.H. White, and several pieces by individual members. This session was presumably arranged by Elise Ford Jenkins, director of the South Carolina Negro Writers’ Project (an outgrowth of the state branch of the Federal Writers’ Project).

Running Up the Shiny Way

Honey In the Rock

Introduction of choir

One More River To Cross

Well Done

Mercy, Lord

Ride On the Chariot Wheel

Lord, I Want You To Move (fragment)

Better Day A Comin' Bye and Bye

God Don't Like It

Ain't But the One Train Run This Track

Sign of the Judgment

Go Preach My Gospel, Sayeth the Lord

Working On the Building

I Don't Want Nobody Stumblin' Over Me

Dead and Gone

Baby Dear, Don't You Cry