Murrells Inlet 6/39

Children’s games and play-party songs sung by several local white children and by Minnie Floyd, who performs several ballads. Plus sacred pieces by Annette Holmes and Viola Brown (the latter also offers a “reel.”)

Go Tell Aunt Patsy

More Room There

You Got to Move

Bye and Bye

I Ain't Gonna Work On the Railroad

Satan Lost the Fadder's Key

If You Will Be My Bride

Paper of Pins

Old Fox Stepped Out

Hard Times, Boys

Sing Song Polly

The Ram of Derby

Come Through the Sawmill

Lord Bateman (part 1)

Pollyanna Low Gal

I Lost My Mother's Barn Key (#2)

Lord Bateman (part 1)

I Lost My Mother's Barn Key (#1)

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