Memphis III 10/59

Spirituals and preaching recorded at a service at the Pentecostal Temple in Memphis. Another song was noted by Alan Lomax at the end of T907 (on the original tape box) - "Heaven is Mine," led by Madame Mattie Wigley. Perhaps he is referring to the version that appears on T859 and is included in this session. It is unclear whether the first two tracks here are actually from the Pentecostal Temple (they certainly are of a different quality - perhaps they were recorded before the service took place) - they have been included because of a note of Alan's inside the T859 box that identifies them as being from "The Memphis Holiness Temple." The two tracks from 880 have been included as well based on similar instrumentation and sound quality.

We Need the Latter Rain (#1)

We Need the Latter Rain (#2)

There Is Power, Wonder Working Power

In The Morning (When I Rise) / Everything's Going Down (But the Word of God)

Jesus Will Carry You Through

Heaven Is Mine

Getting Ready To Move Upstairs

I Don't Know About You (I'm Gonna See It Through)



If You Put Your Trust in Jesus / Testimony / All Things In Jesus

Do Like The Bible Says (fragment)

Jesus Keep (fragment)

Collection address

Collection hymn

Lift Him Up (Help Me Jesus)

Sermon by Bishop J.O. Patterson

What You Think About Jesus (He's All Right)


Power (part 1)

Power (part 2)

Power (part 3)

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