Ireland 1951 and 1953

1951 to 1953
This first anthology of Irish traditional music to be assembled on an LP record (as distinct from those LPs which consisted of reissues of 78s and LPs of Irish popular music) was drawn from these field recordings made by Alan Lomax, Robin Roberts, and Seamus Ennis, primarily in Cork, Kerry, Donegal, and Galway; and by Brian George and Maurice Brown for the BBC. Included are a range of Irish-language song and story; keens, baby-bouncing songs, and fiddle tunes, and performances by playwright and poet Brendan Behan, the peerless banjo player-singer Margaret Barry, and Seamus Ennis himself. Nicholas Carolan writes: "Spanning a variety of Irish traditions and preserving performers long dead and styles now obsolete this collection will be a revelation to many and provide insight into that different world of Irish music of the mid-20th century." The field recordings in Ireland were made with the cooperation of the Irish Folklore Commission, the British Broadcasting Company, and Radió Éireann; others were made later in various locations in London.

Margaret Barry II 11/53

Margaret Barry I 11/53

Michael Gorman 1952

Macroom II 1/51

Brendan Behan 6/51

Dublin 1951/1953

Margaret Barry 7/58

Margaret Barry III 11/53

Seamus Ennis 6/51

Coolea 1/51

Galway City I 1/51

Ireland 1951/1953

Kilnaleck 2/51

Convoy 2/51

Oughterard 1/51

Carna 1/51

Ballylickey 1/51

Dublin 5/51

Seamus Ennis II 2/51

Seamus Ennis I 2/51

Letterkenny 2/51

Galway City II 2/51

Macroom I 1/51

Seamus Ennis 1/51

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