Galway City II 2/51

February 1, 1951
Galway City, County Galway, Ireland
Alan Lomax: "Banshee stories, visited in Carna in rain, Galway, recorded Ballinakill Ceilidh Band (three fiddles, two flutes, two accordions) in evening in railroad hotel until 3am (Seamus Ennis present)." Lomax addresses Seamus in his narration throughout the tape.

The Lark In The Morning (I)

Interview with member of the Ballinakill Ceilidhe band about similarities between American hillbilly and Irish dance music and on ceilidhe bands

Old Joe Clark

Interview with Agnes Whyte about Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe (I)

Uncle Joe (II)

Miss McLeod's Reel

The Twelfth Day / The Galway Rambler

The Bird In The Tree

The Maid Among The Roses (The Boyne Hunt) / Shannon Breeze (Rolling In The Ryegrass)

The Mason's Apron

The Ashplant / The Grouse In The Bog

The Lark In The Morning (II)

Bog Down In The Valley

George White's Favourite

The Hair Fell Off Of My Coconut

Grace's Favorite

Harvest Home / The Glass of Poitin