Russia 8/64

August 24, 1964
These are dubs made from magnetic tape and celluloid discs in the Chamber of Folk Music of the Moscow Conservatory. They were originally recorded by Anna Rudyneva. "The majority of songs listed here are not performed now as a part of everyday life, i.e. are not spontaneous." –S.A. Tokaryev.

Lamentation of an orphaned bride on the grave of her father

Lamentation about a deceased father

Lamentation of a bride

Lamentation of a mother for her daughter who has been given in marriage

Lamentations of the bride's girl friends at her wedding

Unidentified Russian cradle song (I)

Unidentified Russian cradle song (II)

Unidentified Russian cradle song (III)

A Moment


A While

Oarsmen's Song

O, Once More

We Take It Again

Early In The Morning, Manyechka

How On The Sea, The Blue Sea

On The Sea A Birch Sank

Whose, Whose Little Wheel In The Field?

A Horse Is Racing

Under The Clock, And All Beneath The Bells

It Was On The Blue Sea

On A Mountain It Was, A Little Mountain

From Beneath The Mountains, From Beneath A Stone

At Our Place Early In The Morning

Through The Garden, Through The Cherry Orchard

At Our Place In The Meadow

Rise, Beautiful Sun

Beyond The Ural River

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