Houston I 4/39

From Ruby T. Lomax's field notes: "John B. Jones of 1912 Kipling St., Houston, and of Hollywood, California was a student of John A. Lomax at the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College. He became interested in folk songs and was very helpful in bringing in folk materials. This interest he has kept. At his home in Houston on April 10 Mr. Lomax recorded old tunes with words, some texts incomplete, of songs that Mr. Jones had learned from various sources. His mother, Mrs. Kate W. Jones, who had come to Texas from Mississippi in 1868, also knew and recorded several fragments, mostly children's songs."

Christopher Columbo

The British King

Home, Boys, Home

The Murder of Poor Bessie Moore

The Archers' Song

The U.S. Marine March

Hunting horn demonstration

Dilly, Dilly

There Was A Lady Who Loved A Swine

Rock That Cradle Lucy

All the Pretty Little Horses

Now Salute Your Right

There Was A Country Blade

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