Brownsville II 4/39

Jose Suarez was introduced to Lomax by attorney and businessman J.K. Wells, the son of Jim Wells, known for his political influence in the area. Suarez, who was blinded at the age of ten months, made his living singing and playing his guitar on the streets and in taverns. He was around 43 at the time of these recordings.

Unidentified corrido (train robbery)

Machine test

Unidentified corrido (bandit trouble) (part 1)

Recording announcement

Born Blind (#1)

Born Blind (#2)

Unidentified corrido (bandit trouble) (part 2)

Unidentified corrido (#3)

Unidentified corrido (cotton picking)

Commentary on cotton-picking corrido (part 1)

Commentary on cotton-picking corrido (part 2)

Battle of Matamoros

1906 Brownsville Raid (part 1) (#1)

1906 Brownsville Raid (part 2)

La Risa

1906 Brownsville Raid (part 1) (#2)

The Drinker In Holy Week

Unidentified drinking song

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