Kentucky 1937

This largest collection of Lomax Kentucky recordings was the result of a two-and-a-half-month trip through ten Eastern Kentucky counties made in the autumn of 1937 by Alan and his wife Elizabeth Lyttleton Harold. Performed by farmers, laborers, coal miners, preachers, housewives, public officials, soldiers, grandparents, adolescents, and itinerant musicians, they present a full spectrum of traditional expressive culture: ballads and lyric songs, play-party ditties and comic pieces, topical and protest material, fiddle and banjo tunes, hymns and sacred songs, children's games and lullabies, and a variety of spoken lore—religious testimonies, occupational reminiscences, tall tales, jokes, and family and personal narratives.

Wooton 10/37

Sibert 10/37

Smithboro 10/37

Wrigley 10/37

West Liberty 10/37

Providence 10/37

Pineville 1/38

Noetown 9/37

Paintsville 9/37

Pine Mountain 9/37

Salyersville 10/37

Manchester 10/37

Middlesboro 9/37

Hazard 10/37

Goose Rock 10/37

Grassy Creek 10/37

Harlan 9/37

Hyden 9/37

Kayjay 10/37

Hyden 10/37

Horse Creek 10/37

Hell for Certain 10/37

Cumberland 9/37

Cody 10/37

Gardner 9/37

Floress 10/37

Ashland 6/37

Arjay 9/37

Botto 10/37

Big Creek 10/37

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